Our business strategy revolves around the need to provide quality service to our various target customers, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This is undertaken through recruitment of professional team and the provision of good quality custom-designed travel packages, catering to the client's particular needs & enhancing our market presence through effective marketing strategies, thereby getting into a continuous model to support growth through latest market technology Innovations & Industry know-how

In summary we intend to attain the following objectives:

  • Continuously provide enjoyable quality excursions/trips on time and on budget.
  • Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  • Establish a market presence that assures short-term and long-term profitability, growth and success.
  • We are fully committed to supporting growth and development in the tourism.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Expocity Travels, recognizes the fact that as it is involved in the tourism sector of the overall economy there is need to be involved in a wide range of social responsibility engagement programmes so as to invest back into the community in which we operate. We believe that through our social responsibility programme we can indeed assist in improving people’s lives. We believe that if we are to contribute to development in a sustainable way, we need to support numerous projects.

However, before we commit ourselves to projects we intend to ensure that they will be beneficial to the community, particularly in the long term. We know that we cannot address all the development needs of our society. Where we can, we assist and sometimes may form partnerships so as to increase capacity.

Currently we are involved in various projects under our strategic partners in India i.e.

  • Payel NGO
  • Tayyab Hospital & Educational Trust
  • All India Human Care Educational & Welfare Trust
... ...

Thematic Areas/projects underway:-

  • Girl child & Women Empowerment
  • Child Nutrition
  • Drug Abuse
  • Prevention of child abuse
  • Livelihood Initiative
  • Special Interventions- Distribution of Food & clothes
  • Rehab facility for Ortho, Neuro, child care
  • Cancer clinic
  • Empowerment of physically challenged individuals

Expocity Travel is a full-service travel agency dedicated to providing corporate, leisure and meeting management services, with a wide business diversification ranging from Travel services to Social services. The Mission has just begun ….

Our History

Expocity Travels started its operations in 2012 with a vision of being the most valued business enterprise (La Conquista... “To conquest …”). It all started on an evening brunch at the local coffee shop @ Delhi, where two friends from the travel industry decided to make it on their own, with an eye on to the future to serve & delight the customers there way with indepth & expertise knowledge in Travel services.. Expocity Travel Services was born.

Technology Involved

Being a part of a multi-crore group company involved in Travel & Related Services - Technology, Technology Distribution, Airline & Cruise line Management and Hospitality, we have always stayed ahead of times in the travel trade, by maintaining revolutionary industry standards within the perimeter of organizational ethos.

Make Life Simple

Many customers and travel co-coordinators in leading corporate houses spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money in organizing their own travel or the travel of their counterparts. As a company with expertise in travel, this is OUR job! Let us handle this for you. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals delivers results that will far exceed your expectations, not only in terms of service but also savings.

Our Goal

Expocity Travel Services is a fully automated, technology driven travel management company with a goal to understand the travel needs of our clients and fulfill their requirements in the most professional and cost effective manner.

Business & Marketing

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. A large percentage of our bookings are from repeat clientele while much of our new business is from word of mouth recommendations.

Quality Service

Our travel consultants are friendly, professional, and experienced in accommodating both the seasoned traveler and those new to the world of travel. We call them the Quality Service Managers (QSM).

Beyond Expectation Service

As a technology evolving day to day in the travel industry, we arrange your travel where, when, and the way you want it….just within a couple of minutes. Assurance to deliver “White-Glove” service that is courteous, classic and exceptional. Our clients tell us we are more convenient for them. We have the ability to make it easy for you...just connect with us.

Our Approach

We are #1 choice for every customer…...they get responsive and high touch personal service, while enjoying access to latest technology, effective fares, and 24/7 global support. We know what to do, when there is an inconvenience (like severe weather, political upheaval, illness, etc.) at the time of travelling. We are approaching unique and different travel services than others.

Want to Join Our Team

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